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Canada day with m’love❤️ #latergram
Good weekend with my brothers 👊🍻
Hands down the greatest father anyone could ever ask for. Love you dad. ❤️#youtherealmvp #happyfathersday
Brotherly love, on and off the court. ❤️
Realtalk, this is my brother. I will legit take a fucking bullet for this guy. I got you no matter what. Even when times are rough, i will be there for you whenever. Love you family, ❤️
Late post from last night, but happy birthday to this little shit @alyssagyal ❤️love you to pieces.
Mmm grand electric for the first time with @joza44 #tastetoronto #grandelelectric
Dont know what i’d do without this girl right beside me #iwonmeatrophy 🏆❤️